Oh My Gosh, Why Didn’t I Think of This!

After you finish reading, please resist the need to slap your forehead in shock!  I too had the same response, but as we always say, sometimes the easiest and best ideas, are those that we never think about until someone else mentions them!

So what is this head-slapping, mind-blowing idea of the century?  Before I share, let’s take a small step backwards.  Remember back in your appointment when you discussed how to present the brochure to your friends and family?  Finding an item you believed them to need or like and flag the page, yada, yada, yada!  Following up on that, the customer indeed orders the lipstick you knew she would love, and she also chose one of the “deals”, the Naturals bundle.  WOW!  Your first “sale”.  Great job.  now, duplicate about 4-5 more times and you are off and running with your first campaign order!

Friend 1 – UCR Lipstick  $3.99; Naturals Bundle $9.99  Total Order, tax & processing charge = $15.76

Friend 2 – Purchases about the same amount, some fragrance, etc.                                                = $13.97

Now add in another 2 customers orders at around the same amount and your total is:             = $ 56.00+

That is a good first order.  As a leader, that is also a good order for your recruit and you will receive your BIYS bonus!

However, why settle here?  Let’s help this recruit actually EARN some money on her first order.  After all, this is the opportunity we are sharing, earning money!  How can we do that.

STEP 1 – Here . . . it . . . comes – meet with your recruit a few days before her first order is due. Review each order that she has gathered from her customers.  Using the example above, where could we add a few extra products to build a better and more profitable order for your recruit?

Up selling and cross selling are the best “lesson” to teach our recruits, and yes, OURSELVES!  The customer who purchased the lipstick should be reminded that the lip liners are also on sale and will help to make a more complete look.  The customer who purchases the fragrance, needs to be shown the “power” of layering!  If a customer orders jewelry only, show her a nail polish that will really help to show of the ring or bracelet that she has chosen.  Train yourself and your recruits to be SALESPEOPLE.  This is a “sales” business and selling makes the money!

By adding one or two more, inexpensive items to each customers order, could increase the $56 order to a $100 order. Plus, always remember to help your new recruit “re-invest” in her business with a few sample packs.  This will really help to sell that fragrance next campaign!

Okay, so again, please resist the fore head slapping and just say, why didn’t I do this before?  Because one, we were so excited to get or have our recruit have a $50+ first order, that we were merely satisfied and we moved on.  Now, I want YOU to take a look at your own customer orders and see where they could expand.  Don’t worry about how they will take the “call back”.  The phone call could go like this: “Hi Patty.  This is Andria, hope you’re having a great day!  I was reviewing my AVON orders before placing them and I noticed that you ordered our UCR lipstick that was on sale.  Did you know that our glimmersticks are also on sale.  Oh, you don’t know about lip liners.  We use lip liners to make a more complete look on our lips.  Matching the shade to the lipstick you chose, I would suggest the ____ shade!  Or, you could also maybe try the ____.  Either would be great.  Maybe, since they are 2 for $ 7.99 you could try both and change them out for a different look on different occasions.  May I add them to your order?  Great!  Thanks!  I will see you next week at our scheduled delivery time!  Thanks again for your order.”

Easy right?  Of course it is!  I tell you, when I first heard this the curiosity was almost too much for me.  I had to go back to my orders and make a few calls.  I actually added an extra $100 to my total order!  No kidding.  When I spoke to 8 out of my 11 customers last campaign, I was able to add one or two extra items to each order and that was the overall increase!  I was amazed!

This is the “first step” in sharing success with your recruit. It is just a simple review, took about 20 minutes total to review all the orders and match an extra product or two, and then another hour to make all the calls.  So in less than 1 1/2 hours I added $100 to my sales and an extra $40 to my pocket!  Pretty good “overtime” extra pay!

Have a wonderful and productive day!  More tomorrow – Step 2!