Have You Re-couped Your Investment?

It has been exactly four years today that I took a leap into the MLM world and joined the AVON family!  In many ways, it seems as if I have been around forever. But, I know that I am still so young not only to AVON but to the whole MLM experience.  I have gained so much knowledge from sharing with other AVON representatives, friends who are in other WAH businesses and from some new “friends” on social media sites!  Constantly opening myself to the knowledge that is available, has allowed me to take this “part-time”, “what the heck” venture, into a defined business plan.  As a former teacher, goal setting was always my strong suit when it came to aiding my students.  However, it can be a bit difficult to turn that around to yourself.

AVON and the leaders with whom I have chosen to partner, have helped me in my goal setting and in deciding that goals and dreams can, and should be the same thing!  I am quickly achieving both as a result in my new personal resolve.  When I spent the initial $10 to invest in my” business”, I had no idea where it would take me some four years later.  Nor, did I really have any idea that I wanted to be here!  Because I didn’t take my “investment” as such, I didn’t consider this to be a business.  I thought of that $10 as “what I had to pay” to get products at a discount and make a few dollars on the side!

Even though along the way, I was attending meetings, training seminars and even the AVON National Leadership Conference in Las Vegas two years ago, it really wasn’t until last winter that I not only realized but decided, that if I was going to keep investing time, energy and money into this “thing” I spent $10 to join, I needed to make it PAY OFF!  So, by re-thinking that first day, I changed my thought process to an investment and began to re-work this “thing” and make it a “business venture”.  So, long story short, I didn’t “really” and honestly re-coup my investment until almost 4 years into the business.  Now, as any business guru will tell you, I should have called it quits long ago.  I guess the reason I didn’t is that somewhere, though it was deep inside, I knew there was potential here.  Not only with the business but with myself to grow it into a business.  And, one that would be profitable, not just a tax write-off!  And, so, it began.

I started reading more about  MLM and Networking businesses as well as checking out other people in the AVON family who have indeed made this business profitable.  I learned that in order to move on up to the top, I needed something to “get me off the bottom”.  (or really off my bottom)!  That something for me, was family!  Families can be a wonderful thing, they are a sense of pride and joy like no other.  However, with all the joy and pride, will come disappointment and even heartache.  With an extremely devastating situation in my own family, I needed to make the decision to move on and up.  I was not going to continue to cower and remain at the lower end of the totem pole.  Remembering my father’s insistent remarks to NEVER allow myself to be put at the bottom of anything, I took that first, scary, but well needed step.  I decided to turn my $10 into the investment of a lifetime!

As I mentioned before, I have been surrounded by people who are earning money with their MLM businesses.  I know that for many, they are really only earning some extra income to provide them a bi-weekly “extra few dollars”, and they really are not investing in any future plans.  I on the other hand, have decided that I want to be like the “few”  rather than the many, and actual use this business to provide for the future.  Whether it be for their children’s future education, for their future lifestyle, or like myself, for our retirement, I want to EARN MONEY.  My husband has worked many long and hard years to always support our family’s daily needs and desires.  He has made sure that the necessities as well as many “extras” were available.  However, because of his work industry, we have not been able to plan or save for a retirement.  At our stage in life, with four grown children and five beautiful grandchildren, that “retirement” is no longer a light at the end of the tunnel.  It is more like the tunnel closing in on the light!  You might actually say that my lightbulb finally went on!

And so, this is where we are today!  I am working as much as I possibly can to make this business pay for our retirement.  I am not now, nor have I ever thought of this as a “get rich quick” scheme.  And, I have also not really seen this as a “future” for myself and my husband, until recently.

In partnering now with some exceptional people I am looking to return our vision to our future!  I have also decide that it will be ME that will control that future and not be dependent on others to “bring it to me”.  I really did get hooked into thinking that as I built my business with partners and associates, we could all profit together. (One of those falsehoods that our “up line” and companies share with us”.  Now, I’m not saying that there is not money to be made by developing business partners, I am saying though, that we must CHOOSE them wisely!  We also must not allow ourselves to “depend” on the business of others to make us rich!  Not unless of course, we already have billions and are just looking for more!

You and only you can control your destiny.  You must pick your path carefully, “pack your knapsack” with the necessary elements, and begin your journey one step at a time.  Be positive, make a map of your journey.  Seriously, place a create a map of where you want to be at specific times and put it on your refrigerator, in your hoe office, on the bathroom mirror.  Wherever, you will see it on a regular basis and be able to “map” your progress.  Don’t be discouraged if a particular leg in your journey is not reached at the time you had hoped.  Remember, the first group that set out to reach the top of the Matterhorn, did not succeed on their first attempt either!  Just “re-map” and carefully inspect what hindered you meeting that deadline or timeframe.  Then, work out a new plan to achieve that next “leg” of the journey.  ALWAYS keeping in sight, that ultimate goal.  Whatever it is, make sure you have a concrete visual picture of it always where it can be seen!  Don’t hide it, allow others to see it too.  Especially to see that you are achieving your milestones one step at a time!

I can’t help but remember when our oldest son was learning to walk.  He tried so hard to stand.  He would use the end tables, the coffee table, even our Great Dane Caesar to attempt to “take off”.  Of course, the tables didn’t go on for ever, and the dog would either go too fast, or just sit down.  His frustration grew, until he realized, if I let go and just get my balance, I can do this on my own!  And, he did.  He first steps in typical  toddler Frankenstein style, were an amazing accomplishment for him, and for us.  We knew he was on his way to growing and going places!  And trust me, he truly has!

I hope that this latest chat will inspire you to move on.  I want to continue to share with you my journey, my map, and my milestones, so that we can actually take this journey together.  Help yourself and create your map today.  Choose your starting point, whether it is today, or if you go back to your $10 investment day, make sure to make the steps to your success.  I hope that very soon, we can all get together and share our maps!

Take care, live and love well,