And, we go on!

As we begin this morning’s blog, allow me to apologize for being MIA yesterday!  I have contracted a terrible head/chest cold that has really kicked my butt!  I have really done absolutely “nothing” for the last two days!

In the last entry, you were ask to go back to your appointment booklet and review the “need” that was written in your book.  Looking at the need, the amount of money and the time frame, you can now have an idea as to what steps you must take each and every campaign to get you where you want to be.  Based upon the average percentage of orders, $25 per customer, figure how many customers you will need that actually place an order each campaign.  Now, DOUBLE that figure as to how many brochures you will need to purchase and actually put into the hands of someone.  Folks, it’s a lot more than just ordering the books and passing them out.  COntact information and follow-up are the crucial points that are being skipped by most business partners.

If you purchase 30 brochures, you must have 30 names and contact info come the day before orders go in to properly conduct your follow-up!  Now, if you have brochures in an office and have a “helper” there, you may not need to contact each person in the office, but by all means, talk with that receptionist.  Remind her that she will receive a discount for helping you gather orders.  Encourage her by sharing a product with her that she could receive for free or at a very low price if she helps to gather the orders in her office.

Send out emails to your out-of-state friends and families; send Facebook messages and don’t forget to tweet!

Now, let’s take a look at how to calculate your actual “pocket-money”.  If you need to pocket $100 each campaign the general rule of thumb would be to sell a minimum of $450 in AVON core product!  Based on a 40% discount, and adding in your expenses for brochures and samples, supplies, etc., this would yield the $100 you need to earn for your “need”.  This is NOT including anything that you purchase for yourself.  It appears that is the weak point for most new representatives – personal purchases.  Of course you are anxious to try the products for yourself however, if you started your  BUSINESS to “earn” money, they by all means, you can’t “eat up” the profits.  Example – let’s say that your business is a McDonald’s franchise.  If you go into “work” and invite your friends to come with you and you each “eat” breakfast lunch and dinner today, what will you serve to your customers?  And, if you “gave away” the food to your family and friends” (gave them your discount), you can’t possibly earn any money!

The best way to begin is to start yourself on a budget.  Make sure that you allow at least 10% if your “GROSS” sales for business supplies.  That would include, books, samples and bags!  These are a MUST!  Now when it comes to ordering your own “products” use the figure from your family budget.  If you normally spend $20 every two weeks on shampoo, make up and hygiene products at the store, then allow the same amount from your store!  However, do NOT FORGET to “Pay” yourself the $20.  The best way to “get in the hole” is to become your own best customer.  If you spend all your profits on buying for yourself or giving friends a discount, you will never reach your goal nor will you meet the need for which you began your business.

As an AVON representative is it your responsibility to ensure that your customers are getting the “best” service they possibly can.  That not only includes giving them a brochure and a few samples but to supply them with the knowledge they need to make the proper decisions about skin care, fragrance, makeup, hair care, etc.  Where do you gain this knowledge?  On your business website, under the training tab at the Beauty of Knowledge.

Arming yourself with the answers to questions that have not yet been asked, is very important to your business.  Know how to apply eye shadow correctly; which shampoo is best for color damaged hair; what fragrance will you suggest when the customer asks for something light and fruity for a day time outing?  These are EXACTLY the answers you must have.  Your customers will ask, especially if you are “selling” them AVON .

That brings me to the next topic, “Salesmen” or “Order taker”  Stay tuned tomorrow to discover the answer!

Have a great and blessed day!


Good Tuesday morning.  Yesterday we discussed “the beginning”.  The goals we had set at your appointment.  You were asked to list a “need” a  “I would like to”, and a “where I want to be when I grow up”, or three topics with very similar notes!

We will start by addressing the long-term goal.  Even though as we work our business each and every day, we keep this in mind, we must remember that our concentration MUST stay on the “plan” to get there.  So, let’s review!

Imagine your long-term goal as the destination in a long road trip.  When we plan to take a road trip we must “map out” are route to this destination. (the same is implied for our business goal)

On a trip we must take our “map” and begin to plot points at which we will stop for meals, re-fueling, and time to “sight see”.  Stopping points on any trip are very important.  They provide the necessities, but also give us a chance to “rest” along the way and rejuvenate ourselves and re-evaluate our goals and the next steps along our journey.

With your AVON business, you must plot your “trip” with “stops” or short-term and intermediate goals on your way to the ultimate goal.  For many, this is the difficulty they face.  We are never really sure when it’s a good time to stop and re-evaluate or “rest” on our journey.  That is where your leader or mentor, your business partner comes into the equation.  He or she has been at the same stopping points as you and can therefore, provide the insight and mapping help you need to continue.

With your first goal, the “need” you have been asked to assess whether or not you completed that goal.  Did you attain your need?  Let’s look at your appointment booklet.  You stated your “need” as __________, you indicated that you needed ______ amount of money to obtain this need within _____________.  Please fill in the blanks with your figures and dates!  Now, let us take a look at the sales you have achieved since you began and evaluate where you are in reference to that goal, the “need”.  Did you attain that need?  When, and was it on time or within the time frame?

I will use my plan as an example here.  I chose to list my “need” as $100 per month for “spending money”.  I set my goal at my fourth campaign, or two months to achieve earning this amount on a regular basis!  I was able to achieve this goal, exactly on time as a matter of fact.  I used my brochures, samples and the knowledge I gained from my Beauty of Knowledge courses.  I did not reassess my next level goal at this time because I didn’t know the process, nor did I have the benefit of an upline leader or business partner to help.  I did however, know that if I wanted to grow this into a business I must continue.  As my customer base grew and I developed my business to include leadership, I was “plugging along” on my way to “somewhere” just not sure where that was, what I needed to do to get there, or even the “why”!

Now, take a few minutes to review your initial goal.  Write down what, when, and how you accomplished this goal.  We are going to take you through the necessary steps to “map out” your progress to allow you to get to your final destination.  My purpose here, is to help to provide you with the accurate mapping skills necessary to reach that final destination.

Have a wonderful day, stay positive, and keep your eye on the prize!


Where Do I Begin?

How many times in our lives to we ask this question?  It may be as we awake on a “day after the party”, or as we take on a new pet, whatever the challenge, we must begin somewhere.  Imagine yourself faced with a task, possible to clean up a mess after a sleepover with your teenager.  Rather than look at all the “mess” that is staring at you, imagine the room as it was prior to the invasion!  Imagine even more what it should look like after the chore of cleaning.  Set your goal!  If the goal is to indeed restore the room to its original clean and organized setting, then you know what to work toward.

Now, we do you begin?  You must set your “PLAN”.  Arm yourself with a schedule of what to do first, next, etc.  Do you clean from the top down, or the bottom up?  This is an interesting thought and one that has actually be cause for debate.  Do you dust first then vacuum, or vice versa?  In the minds and “plans” or professional cleaners, it does matter.  You would not, let’s say, begin to mop a floor with only one exit by starting at that exit door and working into the bathroom! No unless of course, your goal was to mop yourself into the bathroom for an hour or so until the bathroom floor is dry!

So, let us make our “plan” as to how we will begin with our business.  What is the goal for which you are working?  Have you written down your “need”, your “I’d like to”, and the “when I retire”?  Have you “monetized” each of these segments?  Do you have a deadline for each of the goal lines?

Okay, let’s just look at our “need” today.  We will follow the other two levels in future posts!  Let’s go back to that “room”.  Our “need” is to gather the trash.  The “money” for this task is more of an expense of energy/time rather than actual cash.  So, the time to complete our task of trash pick up is let’s say 20 minutes.  We must arm ourselves with the proper tools to complete the task. What tools will we need?  My list would consist of gloves, trash bags and ties, and possibly a broom to push and scoop.   So as we begin to sweep up the trash into an area and pick up cans, pizza boxes, paper plates, etc., we place all in our trash bags and now, we can remove our gloves and take a look around at the completion of this first task.  Wow, all trash removed, right on time and our “end goal” is now looking a lot closer to being accomplished.

Now, before we stop, don’t forget to take a few minutes and “plug-in” to your business.  Start with your “need”!  Look back at your appointment booklet and review what we wrote down.  What was your “need”?  What time frame and how much money did you list?  Use a separate sheet of paper and re-write that need.  Assess where you are in your business, one campaign, 30 days, 60 days, etc.  What was the time frame set, and did you meet the time? Did you meet the money?  Did one happen before the other?  Do you need more time to earn the rest, or did you make more than you anticipated?  All of this MUST be reassessed.  We will actually review all this in the next post!  have your notes as you read!

Have a great day, begin your week on a strong and excited note!  God Bless!