Still Stuck?

I was listening to a few representatives discussing how they felt that they were “stuck”  in their business.  One in particular was a bit disgusted that she was basically only making enough money to re-invest in more books and buy one or two things for herself.

Now, we did discuss re-investment and it’s importance.  I was curious as to how effectively she was using that are-investment, so of course, I asked. She was making sure to label, stuff and share the brochure and point out sales to her customers.  However, what she wasn’t doing was really making the SALE!  Simply directing someone to a product page or sale, does not put the money in your pocket.  Remember the saying, Salesperson not Ordertaker!  We really must be salespeople.  We have to first sell ourselves and what we can offer, and then the relationship and professional respect have built and now, your sales will grow.  Be knowledgeable’ making sure that you know your products!  In the beginning you may have to choose one or two products or a line and educate yourself to really promote and sell.  Always train yourself with available materials.  Use the product yourself or at the very least, get testimony for someone who has and is using the product.  This also helps to deepen the feeling of trust between you and your customers.

Now, with those brochures that you “leave unattended”, always make sure to add a little something extra so that you will encourage the business.  Make sure that you are not “abandoning” brochures,  (leaving them in a location without a “follow-up” method.  If you are going to abandon brochures, use old expired books with the tag that says, “To get current pricing, please call ___”.  Or, ” Don’t get left out again, for a current book please call _ _ ”  You can also put a sticker on the front that says, “Call today, mention this brochure and get a 10% on the current brochure pricing!  That will get you phone calls every time!

Still stuck?  Okay, let’s also look at what your calendar looks like each day!  OUCH!  I bet that really hit a “toothache sized nerve”!  Folks, you MUST, and I can’t stress this enough, you MUST keep a calendar or schedule book.  With our lives as complex and busy as they are today, knowing where, when and what you are to be doing every minute of the day is crucial.  I have actually found that I have been able to “squeeze” in some extra activities by just plotting out each day.  I actually try to start my calendar three months in advance with items that are the same each month.  Sales Meetings, Dr Appointments, speaking engagements, and training course.  Then, on the monthly schedule add in those other appointments that you know about in advance and then, kind of, work backwards to the current month, weeks, and then it becomes easier to plan the weekly schedules.  These too, are easier if you plan them in reverse, and work into the current week.  Then, you are sure to have all appointments and commitments placed in the schedule.  And, don’t forget, you MUST plan into your weekly schedule, family time, spouse time, and time alone with your thoughts!  Having a time set aside for personal “re-energizing” will not only keep you fresh and ready for the week, but it will help others around you to see how confident and organized a business person you are!

Planning to be in the same area of town or neighborhood on a weekly or bi-weekly basis will also show your customers and business partners that you are available to them but, you set the pace.  This way, you are not getting called “off track” and rushing to accomplish extra tasks.  Set “office hours”  times when customers, business partners etc., can call on you.  Of course, making yourself available when needed is important, but if your contacts know that you do have certain times for them to call, they will be more likely to respect this and only call outside this time if it is really necessary!

Now, let’s get you out of the mud, and back on the track!  Whatever methods you are currently using may need to be put back on the shelf or in the drawer and it’s time for something new!  Don’t ever be afraid to try something new!  If what your are currently doing isn’t working, what’s the worst that can happen be trying something new?  If it doesn’t work, you aren’t any further in the hole, but if it does, WOW, your business will grow!  So where to find these “new” innovative ideas that will make your business grow and customer orders multiply?  HUM  I can think of several places to search.  First, talk with your other business partners.  They may have something that is working well for them.  Or, actually they may have something that isn’t working so well for them but, maybe with your customers.  It really is amazing to me how that works, but it really does!

Attend training meetings.  After all, that is their purpose, sharing and “training”.  Sales meetings and workshops are also where information is shared freely and in great abundance.  You can also invest in some reading material such as motivational and personal development.  I know it might be insulting to you but maybe it isn’t the method you are using, it could be you!  OUCH! (again)  The first person to help you has got to be you!

Well, I will leave you with that earth-shaking revelation and thought-provoking message!  Just remember, that being stuck in the mud may not always be a bad thing.  People do pay hundreds of dollars for a mud bath!

Go forward, do well, and have a wonderful day!


What’s your re-investment paln

As we continue to work on our goals and reaching those dreams, we must realize those that the make that happen, re-investment and growth in our business does come at a price.  However small it may be, or however large we choose to make it, we do have to spend some money to make even more!  Finding the “proper” place for that investment is key!

So in a “brick and mortar” business your money would be spent on supplies, overhead and “window dressing”.  With our WAH or MLM business, those types of re-investments are unnecessary and actually are the reason that most of us chose this type of business.  Our “store”  is our brochure or book we share with our customers and potential customers.  If we are not equipped or prepared with books on hand ALWAYS, our “store” is closed!

What about samples for our customers to try!  Remember, “if they try it, they will buy it”.  And we can’t forget “demos” or the products that we are able to purchase prior to the appearance in the brochure.  This peeks our customers interest and gets them ready to buy! Are we using all of these avenues to gain the most we can out of each sale?

I am sharing a few “charts” and examples or what we can expect in return for our “re-investment” of a small portion of our profits each campaign.  Let’s look and the value of a brochure.

Which would you rather earn – $91 or $240?

If you purchase 50 brochures at a cost of $15.00 using the average (~) that marketers use, you should be able to realize 1/3 of those brochures in actual orders. Or, ~18 customers with a $20 order (again, AVON’s aver. order) = $360  This would put you in the 35% discount level so your gross earnings would be $ 126.  Let’s also say that you purchased a demo and some samples.

Brochures     50       =     $ 15   Demos  $15    Samples  $5    TOTAL expenses =  $35

Your gross earnings less your expenses are:  $126 – $ 35 =  $91  your earnings  (This is of course, only if you have not spent your profit purchasing items for yourself!  This we will address in a future blogpost!)

Now, let’s increase our brochure count to 100.  The cost is now $20 (Yes, only $5 more to double the amount of “stores” we can share!

If we use the same “law of averages” we would serve 35 customers from those 100 “stores” x $20 yield a gross of $700.  Now of course, that puts your discount level at 40%.

With that said, the numbers are as follows:  $700 in sales x 40% =  $280   Expenses are: 100 books $ 20, samples $5 and demos $15 = $40 Earnings to you: $ 240.

You decide!  What amount would you like to take to the bank!  Now, just imagine if you used those brochures at either level to their UTMOST efficiency by following up with phone calls to each person who received that “store”.  Your profit could increase by another 25% – 50% at each of those levels.

The re-investment is not always just in money alone, but time as well  And if  you have a phone that can text, why not “group” your contacts and send one text to all on your customer list to remind them of order day!  (we will discuss Social Media also in a future post).

Spend some time re-thinking your investment each campaign.  Don’t limit your earnings.  If you are only purchasing the minimum count of brochures, you are the reason you are not earning money!  It must be available for customers to see and purchase.

Have a great weekend, and check back tomorrow for our next entry!