What Is Your Goal? (money vs. life)

Over a ten (10) year business career with AVON, I have met some amazing men and women. I followed the stories of those who skyrocketed their business in a very short period of time, and others who worked long and strong over many years to create a million dollar business. With it was a quick trip to the bank, or long term, the key word is “work”. Just like any business, whether it is a brick and mortar store, an online business, or working from your home, it takes work, long hours and putting your goals first.
I built a fairly lucrative business, along with a few great women who stayed the course and grew as well.
When my physical aliments began to limit my ability to properly conduct a business, I very reluctantly, had to take a few steps back. I then saw exactly the business I had created. (Wonderful, loyal customers who appreciated my customer service.  and who continued to order. I also saw that I was not “teaching” many on the team, but that I was “leading” them and doing for them.) I saw this as my business team dwindle from almost 100 to now less than 20.
As my health and my family’s began a downward spiral, I knew that I had to do something to help us survive. Money was not a solution, as we all know, it (money) does not buy health; therefore,  a business was not the answer.  Finding a healthy solution to our situation was the answer. That’s when I found doTERRA.
I began using the oils, researching all the physical and emotional issues with which my family was faced, and our Oil Journey began. Each day, my health improved. Week after week, I was feeling better, I was noticing improvements in my family members as well. So many over our toxic medications were being eliminated.  So, my membership with doTERRA was a good thing. It allowed me to use the oils and purchasing at a good discounted price helped our overall family budget.
At this point, I had very little drive or intention on building another business, and quite frankly, I don’t share to build a monetary empire.  My goal is to build an empire of healthy and well family and friends. Will I make money, most likely yes, and I have actually, much more than I did with AVON in fact. As people join our “wellness tribe”, and begin their own Oil Journeys it will continue to grow.  My goals have definitely taken a turn. Helping folks remove toxic medications and cleaning agents from their lives and homes is the first step of my goal pyramid.
Have you sat done and honestly, and with a true, open heart, examined your life’s goals. What do YOU value most in your life? Is it family, health and wellness, or boats, cars and huge homes?

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