My Story

I would like to share with you my story and the “how and why” I began my Oil Journey.  A few years ago, I was a very active AVON business woman, helping others share AVON and make money. I was leading a team of approximately 100 women and men who were looking to change their lives.  During this same time, my husband began dealing with some very serious health issues. I became increasingly tense, overtired and distraught over the possibility that I may lose the love of my life.

I had to decrease my outside activities with my AVON business and concentrate on my family, most especially, my husband.  I began to notice that without my consistent direction, many of the “team members” began to drop like flies. (It wasn’t until a few months later that I had the epiphany that they didn’t want to succeed as much as I wanted it for them).

As Ed’s health began to spiral downward, my own health was suffering as well.  I had posted a few messages on Facebook asking for prayers for us, and even sharing how exhausted I was. Add to this, our son, a Wounded Warrior, (medically retired Marine with PTSD), moving back home with us. His presence was a huge help to my morale and that of my husband, but it did bring a bit more of a challenge for me, the woman who must “save everyone”.  Enter, a very wonderful friend, who I will call “M”!!

M, shared with me the miracle of Essential Oils. She didn’t ask me to make a huge investment, or sign my life away, she only asked that I purchase a few oils, which she suggested based upon what was happening in my life at the time. I was skeptical, and actually did not even think about it for a few months. Again, M, reached out asking how my husband was, our son, and how I was dealing with everything. During our conversation, she once again mentioned the oils and shared what they were doing for her family. (Her husband too was having major health issues).

I discussed it with hubby and as always, he told me if I thought it could help, by all means “go for it”.  (At this same time, I made a very huge decision to just allow my AVON business to run itself. My customers could order online, and my team, well, they were all adults and if they wanted to grow, it would be up to them).  The money I was making from coaching and mentoring had almost “dried up”. When I was receiving $300+ checks every two weeks, dropping to $13 checks, I realized that the money never was my true goal.

As I began to use a few oils, mostly Lavender, Frankincense and a blend called Breathe, I noticed that my tense muscles had begun to relax. My sleep was improving, and that my asthma had subsided to the point that I was no longer using my inhaler or any other medications. When I talked with M about my fibromyalgia, she suggested a few more oils/blends. I was totally amazed that in a few weeks, my pain level had dropped so significantly that I talked with my doctor to cut my medication in half. (After one year, I am medication free for my fibro).

My husband was benefiting as well from the diffuser in our bedroom. M and I discussed his using Breathe for his allergies and she also suggested Serenity to help with his sleeping issues.  What an amazing gift.

Making this huge decision concerning AVON, most definitely did change my life, for the better.  Losing the stress, the constant impatience I would feel when dealing with people, made my life better.  The money was NEVER a real issue.  Maybe it was because I wasn’t making the “millions” that some of the AVON Stars are making; or, maybe it was because that kind of money has never been a goal.  Honestly, I don’t know how an income in the millions would change my life, but quite frankly, I really don’t want to find out.  I guess it’s because I know that an income like that could have a negative affect on my relationships with family and friends, and most importantly, my relationship with God.

I have always thought of myself as a person who was meant to help others. My years teaching elementary students, tutoring middle school and high school students, working as a paralegal, and of course, my most important “job” being a wife, mother and grandmother, this is who God chose me to be. He guided me to be a wife, a mother, and a mentor. He showed me how to help people.

Now as I am totally in love with my Essential Oils and the blessings that they have brought to my family, literally saving us thousands of dollars in prescriptions and OTC drugs, etc.; the amazing help having diffusers in our home has helped our son; my passion and compassion toward helping others has taken on a new purpose. I want to see my extended family, my friends, and everyone using God’s oils to heal their lives and those of their families.  It’s not about making money, it never was, it is about sharing a wonderful gift, the gift of health and wellness.


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