Are You Limping?

As I plan my week I am always working on both aspects of my business. Just as I dress, I make sure that I have both legs in my pants and shoes on both feet, I also make plans for both aspects of my business. To only work one “leg” of an MLM business will cause great limping when it comes to building a lasting income.

Each week, plan activities that will build both your down line and your customer base. Help your down line by joining them in activities. As they build their business, yours will grow too. The more you help support their growth, the more you ensure your residual, long term income.

Plan three days where you are out in the field working on your growth. Use one of those days just for your personal growth of new team members and customers. The other two days work with your leaders and team members who want to share in the growth of their business. Encourage them to plan activities, customer appreciation as well as vendor events to promote themselves and their business.

Training yourself as well as your team will always secure a stable gait as you walk through your business. Reading, attending seminars and webinars will not only help to keep you motivated but will also give you more leverage when building and developing your team. As you become more comfortable with your business, your team will become more comfortable  following you. Remember the saying that “people don’t join companies, they join people”!

Limping through your business by concentrating on only one leg, can also be compared to the old adage of putting all your eggs in one basket. If you stumble and fall, your eggs are broken and you are left with only a mess. However, working with two baskets, you are almost assured that one basket will be saved and you can still have eggs to eat.

Customers are crucial to the growth of your sales and immediate necessary income.  Recruiting and building a team, will ensure the longevity and strength of your future residual income. Long range goals for both of these “legs” will require strict planning and scheduling. Using the “3-1-1” plan each week, or every campaign consistently, as well as training your team to do the same, will most certainly guarantee everyone’s success.

Learning not limping is the key! Enjoy your week, and stop back again.


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