Winning not Whining

As I look at the success I am enjoying with my business, and share the successes of several of my business partners, there is one underlying theme – we are winners, not whiners!

There is a saying out there to the effect that if you think like a winner, you will be a winner.  I truly believe that to be the case.  If you believe you can, you will! Whatever is in your mind and your heart, will make it to your life.

A true “winner” in any business, as in life, is a person who sets his/her goals, formulates a plan of action, and then makes the moves to activate the plan.  Creating a goal plan, making “dream boards”, getting a planner/calendar, etc., are only FIRST steps.  Once these things are set, you must create an action plan.  How and what will you do to achieve these goals and dreams? 

Let’s say that you are invited to a friend’s wedding in San Diego, CA -You live in Atlanta, GA  Now, there are several things that you must do if your plan is to attend this wedding.  You have the date firmly affixed to your calendar.  You have made your hotel reservations, ask for vacation time from your job, and even purchased a gift to take.  Now, due to funds, you are driving instead of flying.  That is your goal, drive to San Diego, CA  What is your plan?  When will you leave; how many days will it take you; where will you stop along the way?  Have you calculated the mileage, miles per gallon, fuel stops, food stops, rest stops, etc.  What is your “action” plan for driving each day? Have you plotted a map and route? You certainly aren’t going to just “jump in your car and go”!

Sound like a lot of work?  Well, it really isn’t difficult, it just takes some time to put it all together.  But no conscientious, common sense – minded individual would ever begin a cross country trip of approx. 3,000 miles with out a map and a game plan.

Why then, do folks think that they can embark on building a residual income business without a “road map” and a “game plan”.  Every aspect of your road trip can be parlayed into your business plan.  Set a date for each “milestone”.  Locate “fuel stops”, “rest” stops, and MAP it out.  When you have a clear, written picture of what you want to achieve, the action plan to get you there, and the desire to move forward, putting the key in the ignition and driving off is the easy part!

Over the next few posts, I will be explaining this “road map”.  How it can and will work for you if, you work IT!


So, stop “whining” about not getting anywhere, and start “winning” by moving yourself forward.


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