Now what?

I have been so fortunate recently to have completed two amazing AVON events. The first, a Teacher Appreciation Day and the second and most recent, “Chocolate and Shopping”. Both brought me in contact with some wonderful people, and each allowed me to share my passion for my AVON business.

Now what? EXACTLY! At each event, I collected contact information from those stopping by my table. I have handfuls of “lead sheets” from which I can gain new customers. As I sat down to begin to “organize” the contacts, I realized that not only could each of these folks become my customer, but as I am in their neighborhood, I could share AVON with so many more!

It is going to be SO exciting to visit these neighborhoods with brochures, samples, and the AVON opportunity. Each lead has the potential to put me in touch with a minimum of 40 new people. I will be sharing exactly how my research works out!

Stay tuned – results will follow!