Whose Birthday Is It?

Was out shopping and doing errands yesterday and at one stop, a discount department store, I was in line behind a mom with a small child I’m guessing about 5 years old!  His excitement level at the decorations, lights and music was so refreshing!  However, just like most little boys and girls his age, his concern was toys and gifts from Santa.  As he was “badgering” his mom about what he would get for Christmas, the cashier began to ring up the purchases and the little boy was telling her he was getting a bike, a car, and ooh so much more for Christmas.  He also told her about what a good boy he had been to ensure his bounty from the jolly old man in a red suit!  I was giggling thinking of my grandson and how excited he can get.

Our cashier was too very interested in the little guys tales, and said to him, “that sounds so much fun”.  And do you know whose birthday it is on Christmas?”  The little boy squared himself in the seat and said so proudly, “Santa Claus of course”!   WOW!!!!

With all the discussions regarding “holiday trees” vs. Christmas trees, the whole “x-mas” debate, and of course, just saying “Merry Christmas” , people keep posting that Christ is the reason for the season and as Christians, we must make sure to always keep our thoughts to Him.  Now obviously, children learn what they live.  With the response from this little boy, one may “assume” that Christ is not part of the household.  On the contrary, I believe that there most probably is a christian based faith life there, but with so many of us, we have allowed the “spirit” of the holiday to turn from religious to retail.  He was merely stated what he believed to be the truth from what he is seeing all around him.

Really, let’s think about it!  Pretty much everything that happens outside our church during this Advent and Christmas season is based upon pagan traditions.  The Yule Log, the “Christmas” tree, caroling, lights, and ooh so much more.  The entire date for this celebration is centered around the winter solstice.  The retail industry has made us all creatures of Santa and his sleigh full of toys and elves.  Please don’t misunderstand what my point here really is.

I wonder how many of us could truly celebrate a CHRIST mas.  A holiday season without Santa, elves, Rudolph, debt induced shopping, and all the other non-Christ activities.  Could we really enjoy a time without caroling, shopping, decking the halls?  How many of us are up for the challenge?  Let’s actually try to propose a truly secular Christmas.  If we are to keep the Christ in Christmas, then let’s get rid of everything that is not “Christ” like!

Whose birthday is it at this time of year?  Maybe the little guy observed a WHOLE lot more than we see as adults!


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