Just sitting around!

Anyone else enjoying the lovely fall weather by just sitting around?  It is gorgeous.  A time to relax and take in the beauty of fall, the sounds and smells.  Reminds me of a wonderful time in my childhood.  Time spent with my daddy. Walking through the woods in late September and October picking mushrooms or training his beagle, and listening to the animals in the woods was remarkable. My dad knew so much about the different animals in the woods, the kind of tracks they made, which animal made which marks on trees, in the mud, etc.  It was amazing to me since I knew that my father left school in the 7th grade.  His knowledge of which mushrooms to pick, which berries we could eat, and even what plants would make me itch or sneeze, and those that would take the itch away if I was bitten by something while we were in the woods!

This time of year is also special because I remember my mom canning the last of the garden vegetables, making jam and jelly from all the berries we picked, and most importantly, all the baking she did with the apples that daddy and I picked.  The smell of an apple crisp or apple cake allows me to close my eyes and see my mom, blue-checkered apron and all in her kitchen. She was such a great cook and baker.  Her meals were never served as gourmet with tons of silverware, but she was a world-class chef no doubt.  Pastries, cookies, pies, whatever mom tried came out perfect.

Her abilities and talents weren’t limited to the kitchen.  She also did just about every craft known to man.  She crocheted, knitted and worked with beads.  We had a ceramic shop together and she was great at that too.  As with my dad, my mom left school early 7th grade.  She actually had to take a job house cleaning to help her parents with expenses.  She was a “live- in”  house keeper for a “well to do” family at that time and only visited with her family on the weekends.

I often think of the life my parents had as young teens.  They both were forced to work early on, and to our standards now, didn’t really have a childhood.  At least not the way we knew it or know it now to be.  It didn’t seem to negatively affect who they became.  Both of them possessed intelligence beyond explanation.  Their common sense and talents never stopped amazing me.

Of course just like any young person, I do remember from time to tome thinking my parents were so “dumb” or so “behind the times”.  Now however, I know that they really had it all together!  I remember playing board games with my mom when we were snowed in for days and there was no school.  Or playing checkers, the card game War, or ball the jack with my dad after dinner on the back porch.

WOW, all this from just sitting around on the patio on a lovely fall afternoon.  What a way to honor and remember my parents.  Thanks mom and dad.  I do miss you!




So who wants to make $840?

It’s crazy right?  WRONG!  You can make $840 in the next 2 weeks guaranteed.  As part of the “Six steps to success”, let’s concentrate on the next two weeks (14 days) to put that crazy money in your pocket!

With any of the MLM businesses, there is always a level (or at least in most), where you have the ability to earn a 50% on your sales in a given time frame.  Here in our business, you can reach the 50% earnings discount level when your award sales hit $1,550 in a campaign period (two weeks).  Okay, so now you’re saying I know that, but how do I do that!

A very simple method!  One that will not only increase your earnings but will also grow your customer base, and just in time for the holidays!

How often have you or someone in your family been asked to participate in an office or school gift exchange?  Almost every year right?  Well, I am sure that even this year, with the economy still so poor, we will still be asked to share a holiday gift with our team mates, co-workers, class mates, etc.  As such, you have the perfect opportunity to supply these gifts and put money in your pocket!  Do you know what is inside your store?  have you priced the gift sets as to your “income” from offering them for sale?

Can you make a $20 sale to a family member, a friend?  I’m sure most of you have already!  How about asking them if they have a friend who would purchase $20?  Where do you bank?  Have you thought about offereing the teller your great customer service in exchange for the great customer service she gives you?  I always appreciate the customer service my waitress gives me, so I always exchange the favor by sharing a brochure and a product suggestion.  WOW, that is six people who need gift items for the holidays.  And that is just on your first day of the campaign.  The concept is, six people each day for 14 days of the campaign.  ($20 x 6 = $120 x 14 days = $1,680)

Okay, I am not doing anymore math!  You figure out your earnings!